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Seminar: Developing The Prophetic In You (September 1st)

by Antioch Hub

Seminar: Developing The Prophetic In You (September 1st)


A 1-day seminar in Singapore to receive His impartation, be activated, and release the prophetic in you. This is a call to join His prophetic army!

Limited to 30 seats. Attendees may accumulate & convert Antioch Hub seminars into course credits in the next Antioch Academy intake. Attendees will get a $25 credit from this seminar to offset Antioch Academy tuition fees.

1st September, Friday (Public Holiday): 10am-6pm

What is the prophetic? Is it something mystical? Or eerie and out of our grasp? Or is it something reserved only for special people, the prophets of old?

The prophetic is actually something that is already built within our nature, and it is supposed to be so natural to us. We are created by God with a capacity to connect with Him, and our Heavenly Father is constantly speaking & sending His signals to us.

When we open our ears to hear, our hearts will be opened. When we open the eyes of our hearts, our minds will be transformed. And we are called to carry the transformation that we experience wherever we go in our walk with Him.

We are called as prophetic people; as a banker, as a teacher, as a housewife, as a father, as a student, or other roles, we are to be prophetic. The world is awaiting a touch from Heaven. The world is awaiting for people who are transformed by Heaven. The world is waiting for you, and this is a call to join His prophetic army!

In this course, we will learn about the nature of the prophetic that is already within us. We will learn how to turn our heart unto Heaven and tune in. We will learn on how to release Heaven's touch in our daily lives.

This course is meant to be a divine spark in your prophetic journey, no matter where you are. Our prayer is for these lessons to build a foundation, bring a refreshment, and spark your prophetic journey to the next level.

Together we will learn, receive His impartation, be activated, and release the prophetic as His people.

Let us all embark in this journey towards His heart together, as His prophetic army!

Singapore. Venue will be sent to you via email.

If you have trouble paying via credit card and wish to pay with cash, email us at to work out alternative payment.

If you feel led to attend this seminar and need financial assistance, get in touch with us. We prayerfully sponsor people as the Lord highlights.