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Seminar: Growing In Apostolic Authority (October 18th)

by Antioch Hub

Seminar: Growing In Apostolic Authority (October 18th)


A 1-day seminar in Singapore to define what your apostolic authority is, and identifying God's process for you to grow in/through it.

Limited to 30 seats. Attendees may accumulate & convert Antioch Hub seminars into course credits in the next Antioch Academy intake. Attendees will get a $25 credit from this seminar to offset Antioch Academy tuition fees.

18th October, Wednesday (Public Holiday): 12pm-6pm

What is apostolic authority? Apostolic authority is the sphere of God-given authority in your life. In that sphere, you have the authority and influence to bring God's Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Your sphere of authority marks your mission-field, assignment, and the journey of your calling.

Each one of us is called to be apostolic and bring God's Kingdom to our unique mission field, be it our family, workplace, school, neighborhood. But we can't occupy what we do not know. It is important for us to know and define our sphere(s) of authority, and which aspect(s) of Heaven we are called to release.

Together through this course, we will journey in defining our spheres of authority, and most importantly discover how to be faithful in it and grow in our walk with God. As we grow, our spheres of authority will grow as well.

We are called to be an apostolic people. We are called to be a part of God's family bringing Heaven to earth. Our Father longs to be with us, let us together build a dwelling place for Him!

Singapore. Venue will be sent to you via email.

If you have trouble paying via credit card and wish to pay with cash, email us at to work out alternative payment.

If you feel led to attend this seminar and need financial assistance, get in touch with us. We prayerfully sponsor people as the Lord highlights.