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Seminar: Powerful People, Powerful Relationships (August 8th - 9th)

by Antioch Hub

Seminar: Powerful People, Powerful Relationships (August 8th - 9th)


A 2-day seminar in Singapore with interactive small group facilitation & screening of Danny Silk's Life Academy curriculum videos. Important tools to strengthen marriages, friendships, teams, and parents.

This is going to be a seminar from the heart, for the heart. Come prepared to have relationship wounds uncovered, healed, and to move forward with a plan for restoration. We've been praying, and we believe that God is going to break some toxic relationship strongholds AND establish powerful new ones in your life, in His name. We are in a season where God is restoring family & relationships!

This is a good seminar for those seeking to grow/develop/sharpen their pastoral gift, as well as for those seeking to build powerful relationships around them. It is also ideal for those with a pattern of broken relationships in their lives who want to break that cycle.

This teaching weekend will give you a deeper understanding of:

  • How to build strong & powerful relationships
  • How to create healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • Communication tools
  • How to help people powerfully
  • How to stay connected through conflict
  • How to truly love people in a healthy way
  • How to keep loving in the face of mistakes & pain
  • How to decrease anxiety and increase love in your relationships

Limited to 40 seats. Attendees who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion from Antioch Hub. Attendees may accumulate & convert Antioch Hub seminars into course credits in the next Antioch Academy intake. Attendees will get a $25 credit from this seminar to offset Antioch Academy tuition fees.

8th August, Tuesday: 8pm-10pm
9th August, Wednesday (Public Holiday): 10am-10pm
001) Powerful People, Powerful Relationships
002) Turn Your Love On
003) Exchanging Truth Inside
004) Communicating in Conflict
005) Levels of Intimacy
006) Guidelines for Setting Limits
007) Forgiveness from the Heart
008) Did You Learn to Love?
009) Covenant
Singapore. Venue will be sent to you via email.

If you have trouble paying via credit card and wish to pay with cash, email us at to work out alternative payment.

If you feel led to attend this seminar and need financial assistance, get in touch with us. We prayerfully sponsor people as the Lord highlights.